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cU is a knitwear brand that offers contemporary, comfortable and versatile clothes, designed to fit the bodies of as many people as possible.

To do so, it works on engineered shapes and elasticity, natural and enhanced through knitwear. A continuously developing research and design path, which aims to create clothing without exclusions of size, age, gender or physical abilities.

The extreme versatility and adaptability of the cU garments facilitates sharing and passing from hand to hand, allowing for the optimization of purchases and the extension of the life of the garments themselves.

cU responds to the main problems of the fashion system, proposing a production model that drastically reduces its environmental footprint: zero waste from prototyping to production, clothing produced on demand and designed to last over time, a fluid model from development to final use .


As fluid working practices become more frequent (home-office, freelance jobs, smart working, digital jobs etc.) - the boundaries between personal life and work fade away. Quite like with Donna Karan’s Seven Easy Pieces in the ‘80s, who responded to women’s need for a new working and daily attire, today's fluid lifestyle requires its fluid wardrobe.Overalls and work uniforms are garments that do not get old, are not tied up to trends and give protection thanks to their resistance to heat, water and coldness. They are usually genderless, comfortable and strong. cU starts from those features to design the new uniform for the everyday work / life of the future: sophisticated, functional and versatile, inclusive and easy to wear.