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    While the knit rests, wraps and adapts to the shape of the body, elasticated cuffs and straps support and embrace, soft, but with more firmness.

    Thus, each cU garment was designed to comfortably fit different bodies, which would normally wear the standard sizes XS to XL for women and XS to L for men.

    The cU sizes (Uniform1, U2 and U3) refer, instead, to height, with the aim of dressing as many people as possible, from 1.30 m to 1.90 m and above.

    To find your ideal size based on your height you can follow the chart below. The garments have been designed to have a soft and ample fit, but remember that you can easily draw from other sizes based on the fit you prefer, whether over, relaxed or regular.


    Universo Cancellato | Size Guide