cancellato uniform

cU is a brand based on technical, social and cultural research.
By combining the Italian artisanal know-how with the new 3D knitwear technologies, cU creates one-size-fits-all clothes,
capable of adapting to various bodies, ages, genders and physical abilities.

The brand

cU ( “see you”, acronym for cancellato Uniform) is a knitwear clothing line comfortable, versatile and created to become the everyday uniform for as many people as possible.
cU answers to the main issues of the fashion system introducing a new model of production applicable on a large scale that would drastically reduce its environmental footprint: zero waste production, manufactured on demand, fluid from the development to the final usage, made to last.
In the same time, thanks to an important research and development process, cU offers clothes in one size, developed to adapt perfectly to several physicalities, ages, genders and physical abilities. The versatility of the clothes facilitates the act of sharing from one person to the other, from one size to another and from one generation to the other, extending their life.

Why Uniform?

As fluid working practices become more frequent - home-office, freelance jobs, smart working, digital jobs etc.. - the boundaries between personal life and work fade away. “who are the new workers, how can we represent them? How can we determine a working time measure (unit) compared to a time that cannot be anymore defined as working hour?"
Quite like with Donna Karan’s seven easy pieces in the ‘80s, who responded to women’s need for a new working and daily attire, today fluid lifestyle requires its fluid wardrobe.
Overalls and work uniforms are garments that do not get old, are not tied up to trends and give protection thanks to their resistance to heat, water and coldness. They are usually genderless, comfortable and strong.
cU starts from those features to design the new uniform for the everyday work / life of the future: elegant, functional and versatile, inclusive and easy to wear.

“If the anxiety linked to the size is leftout, people focus on how they feel, on how they see themselves regardless of the number on the label. They enjoy the comfort, aware that our garment will dress them even if their bodies will change over time.”

Diletta Cancellato, Co-Founder and Creative Director


Thanks to an important research and development process, all the clothes are designed in one size, developed to adapt perfectly to several physicalities, ages, genders and physical abilities. The goal is to reverse the tendency that the body needs to adapt to standardized sizes by creating clothes that will adapt themselves to the various human body shapes and to one’s body changes through life. Every cU item of clothing is designed to fit different male and female bodies comfortably, those that normally would fit standard sizes from XS to XL. cU proposes different sizes that uniquely refer to height, so that every item can fit as many people as possible,
from 1.30 m to 1.90 m tall.
cU wants to offer clothes that can respond to both a feminine and masculine aesthetic in the common perception of the terms, coherent, matchable and interchangeable.


cU pays particular attention to research into the materials with which it produces its garments.
The garments are made from 100% or 94% biodegradable fibres, both natural and artificial, opting for controlled and non-impactful processes.
The materials used by cU allow extreme comfort in contact with the skin, while the temperature regulating properties allow the garments to be used for more than one season.
All garments are manufactured using 3D knitting technology, are seamless and waste is kept to a minimum.
Generally, a knitwear garment is made up of separate parts that are then sewn together. By contrast, with 3D technology, the knitwear garment is produced in one piece in three dimensions directly on the knitting machine.
3D knitting technology produces stronger garments, consuming only as much material as necessary and avoiding material waste.